2019 Ontario Cup Tour


The Ontario Cup Tour is a cohesive collection of Ontario’stop events, running from Spring until Fall 2019 and is capped-off by the Provincial Championship in September. The ultimate goal of the tour is to create a competitive environment which in turn fosters an athlete development continuum.

Qualifying & Championship Divisions

Players may qualify for the Provincial Championship through one of four possible methods:

1) Ontario Cup Tour Events & Northern Ontario Championship

The top 3 finishers in all viable divisions (including ties) will receive their berth to the Championship. These spots do not pass down if players finishing in the top 3 have already qualified.*

2) Flex Tour Events

The winner of each championship division (including ties) will receive their berth to the Championship. This spot does not pass down if division winners have already qualified.

*In the event a player ends up alone in a division, finishes last in a division of 3 or less at an Ontario Cup Tour event, or all players in a division tie for 1st place, the player(s) will receive their qualifying spot(s) if they are able to shoot at least 10 points above their PDGA rating for the round or tournament (average) in question.

3) Club Spots

Each club registered for an annual membership with the ODSA will receive a qualifier spot to award to their club members. These spots must be given away through direct competition or points race (with proof). Clubs in the Ontario East and Ontario North regions will be given 3 spots to adjust for the proximal advantage golfers from the South/West region are afforded.

4) "Last Chance Qualifier"

There will be a "last chance qualifier" held in September. This event will be structured much like "Monday Qualifying" at the USDGC and act as an additional fundraiser for the event. A finite number of spots will be set aside (dependent on pending championship registration numbers) for players to earn through their performance in a one-round qualifying event. The top "X" amateur and pro scores will earn their spots. Players will pay a small fee to compete, and may choose to abandon their round and start again at anytime, pending re-entry is paid-for. Tee times will be offered between 9am and 3pm.



The 2019 season marks a progressive transition towards a similar division structure to larger A-tier, Major and NT events stateside.This is being done in an effort to motivate golfers to progress along the development continuum while increasing the prestige behind qualifying, and eventually winning the event in your corresponding division. The most noticeable adjustment being the removal of the MA2 and FA2 divisions from the Championship. We realize that a large constituency of Ontario golfers fall into this skill class and as such, to ease the transition, we will still be qualifying MA2 and FA2 golfers for the Championship during the 2019 tour season, however, there will be a single amateur division representing men (MA1) and women (FA1) along with their age-protected counterparts (MA40, MA50, FA40 ,FA50) at the Championship that both MA1/FA1 & MA2/FA2 will be folded-into. The 10 divisions being offered at the 2019 Provincial Championship are as follows:



Age Protected Professional




MA1 & FA1

Age Protected Amateur

MA40 & FA40

MA50 & FA50

Standings, Scoring & Awards

Each of the 10 divisions will have their standings tracked according to our scoring system displayed below. Top finishes are weighted to distinguish exceptional performances. Standings will be displayed on the Ontario Cup Tour page and updated promptly following each event. As there are 16 scheduled Ontario Cup Tour events, standings will consist of the player's top 10 events, allowing each player to drop their 6 worst finishes or missed events.


Tour Champion: At season's end, each division champion will receive a token recognizing their achievement as divisional tour champion.

Pro Rookie-of-the-Year: At season's end, both the MPO and FPO rookies with the largest point total will be awarded the Ontario Disc Golf Pro Rookie-of-the-Year award. Rookies* are classified as golfers who first accept a cash payout during the 2019 calendar year. Pending no viable candidates, a group consisting of the 15 Ontario Cup Tour TD's will vote for the most-improved MPO and/or FPO player.

Amateur Rookie-of-the-Year: At season's end a ballot will be created, taking into account rating improvement, event finishes and skill-set development for a board consisting of the the competition committee. If a tie cannot be broke, the 15 Ontario Cup Tour TD's will discuss and vote as a tie-breaker. All amateur players are eligible for the award, which will be given to one male and one female athlete at season's end.


Tour Schedule

April 27-28th • Forest & the Frontier (Peterborough)

May 4-5th • Christie Lake Spring Fling (Hamilton)

May 18-19th • Black Fly Fling (South River)

June 1-2nd • Bronte & the Beast (Oakville)

June 8th • Ettyville Super Spin Championship (Bourget)

June 15-16th • Summer Solstice (Midland)

June 22nd • Chicopee Throwdown (Kitchener)

July 6-7th • White Spruce Open (Brampton)

July 20-21st • Blueberry Brawl (Sudbury)

July 27th • The Highlands (Collingwood)

July 27th • Outaouais Open (Ottawa)

August 3-4th • Northern Ontario Championship (Thunder Bay)

August 3-4th • Golden Horseshoe Open (Paris)

August 17-18th • Flatts Classic (St.Thomas)

August 31-1st • Toronto Island Maple Leaf (Toronto)

September 14th • Sandy Hollow Open (Barrie)

Qualifier List (as of May 23, 2019)

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