Ontario Women's League (OWL)

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The Ontario Women’s League (OWL) was created to allow women all across the province to compete against each other on a weekly basis. Its ultimate goal is to get as many women in the province playing disc golf at the beautiful courses Ontario has to offer.

Allowing an entire week to get a round in at any course in the province allows the flexibility to get as many women playing as possible. The fun and casual environment provides women the opportunity to compete at their own comfort level while accumulating points to become the 2018 OWL Champion.

For detailed rules and point system: CLICK HERE

OWL Weekly Rules:

Your round must be played at an Ontario course or a course maintained by an Ontario based club that is found on the DG Course Review app.

You must play your round with one (1) other witness (male or female).

No extra shots or mulligans may be taken during your round.

Your scores must be submitted by 11:59 pm Sunday night with all the proper information (name, score, weather, wind, etc.), including a picture (or screenshot) of the card that includes the witness’ name and score. Once a round is submitted, no other round may be submitted for that week. A picture of the scorecard containing your score and the witness’ score must be sent via email to jacynthe@ontariodiscsports.ca (link at bottom)


Round ratings will be generated from our “Ontario Course SSA Database”.

Handicaps will be determined based on round ratings. Your handicap will be 80% of the difference between your average and the “target score” of your division (850 for advanced, 700 for amateurs).

Handicaps will be adjusted on a weekly basis with a minimum of three (3) rounds played. If three rounds have not been played, a handicap of zero (0) will be applied. Handicaps will only be based on OWL rounds.

Points system:

•The OWL will run from May 12th to August 26th, which is a total of 16 weeks.

•The first submission deadline will be May 13th, 2018 at 11:59 pm. The last submission date will be August 26th, 2018 at 11:59 pm.

•Every week, a point will be awarded for each person below you in the standings, including your position.   Example: 1st in a division of 8 players would receive 8 points.

•Points for every week will be added up at the end of the season and an overall champion will be announced for each division.

•Points towards the Ontario Cup Tour will be awarded as the equivalent of a C-Tier event for the season ending rankings.


Hope everyone is having a fantastic spring and getting out to the course as often as possible!

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To make a donation to the OWL, please contact Jazz at jacynthe@ontariodiscsports.ca

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