Volunteer with the ODSA

Volunteerism is what can make any organization great beyond expectations.


To be a  volunteer it takes the kind of person who is willing to give so that others can have so much more.

Volunteerism can start at any level that one can offer. And soon grow into so much more ,when more time becomes available for doing volunteering. As one grows and becomes more involved in the passion of giving in Disc Sports we have created a group within the  ODSA that have grown into our “Gold Disc Champions” .

In the ODSA we call this group of accomplished Volunteers the  “Gold Disc Champions” of Disc Sports.

Because they are always reaching for the best they can be so that others  benefit .

In today's environment our Gold Disc Champions give time to help foster the growth of Disc Sports and to pass on the passion that is Disc Sports to others.

Our Gold Disc Champions have ; and continue to help,  design and develop courses that help communities across the province and abroad  create environments where physical activity becomes Inclusive to All .  

Our Gold Disc Champions come from any and all cultures with a great openness to bridge understandings of one another through the sports that are Disc Sports.

To become a Gold Disc Champion is extremely simple.

Join your local disc club , create your own disc club , join the ODSA as a member and contact us to see what it is we can do together. We can try to get you into a Volunteer groups where your passion and energy can be utilized so that others can have the chance to experience the sports of Disc. Create a volunteer group that can grow and spread the passion and sport. A Sport and passion that is Inclusiveness to All.

Simply contact us and we can help get you placed into a local community or local club where your volunteer work will be valued and used to create more for those that learn to play and love Disc Sports.  We have developing committees and groups that will need dedicated individuals that have that great want to give to others.

Start Volunteering Today  and we guarantee your tomorrows will start you on a path to become our next Gold Disc Champion.