Game ON

In Ontario, Provincial and Multi-Sport Organizations (PSOs, MSOs) are the sole governing bodies for amateur sport at the provincial level. These independent, not-for-profit organizations are the backbone of the sport system in Ontario. Staff and many volunteers work tirelessly, on evenings and weekends, to develop their respective sports across Ontario, encouraging participation in recreational and competitive programs, and supporting excellence in sport at the provincial level. Some of their responsibilities include following national standards when developing and offering their sports; providing a competitive pathway for athlete development; selecting provincial teams; recruiting and training coaches, officials and volunteers; and conducting provincial championships.

Their membership is comprised of local clubs and individuals (e.g. athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers) who together with the PSOs and MSOs provide crucial grassroots and developmental programming to communities across the province.

A significant focus of "Game ON", the Ontario Government's Sports Plan, will be to build on the excellent work done by our invaluable PSOs and MSOs by improving, in a measurable way, quality of experience for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers. We will work with our partners to renew leadership at all levels of the sport system, with an emphasis on continuous improvement.

As one of those PSOs , we at the ODSA see the importance of this direction. The ODSA agrees to the new direction taken in the "Game On" Sports Plan.

With help from the communities and individuals across the province we look to expand our foundation and develop into a model Sports Association . One that can implement and make the changes that are needed to make this new path a great success across the province and in our disc sports disciplines .

We will seek the private and corporate funding that will enable our developing paths to be further developed and implemented across the province. 

We will seek assistance when required or offered to better help us clarify the building of collaborative partnerships that will ensure the success on the paths we will forge together within our communities across the province.

As a non-profit, we will be very diligent in the proper spending and accountability of all funds and ensure that there is a great clarity to the transparency of how we implement the trust given to our sports association.

We will create the “A.I.R.” that is Accountability Integrity and Respect. "A.I.R" will support our Disc Sport paths through the ever changing currents in the industry to allow our association a clear path to be seen and followed.

Some of the exciting initiatives and paths under development today are as follows : 

“Inclusive to All “  - shortened toITA” 

One of the greatest aspects of Disc Sports today is that we are sport disciplines and skills that can and are "Inclusive To All".

And in that fact and reality we will make paths that any one can join us on. 

There is no boundary as to who can join us in our journey forward in our further creation and implementation of our sports disciplines. We will strive to achieve focus on the "Game On" areas of concern in development.