Director & Member Councils

Director & Member Councils

The Ontario Disc Sports Association Executive Committee is currently comprised of a Volunteer President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Communications Role The Board of Director's is made up of elected officials who volunteer from various disciplines, associations, clubs, leagues and/or organizations.

The four executive positions are complimented by a board-at-large which consists of volunteers interested-in and responsible for one or more facets of ODSA annual programming or functionality.

We are sports that are "Inclusive To All" .

We live that motto, and work hard for our membership in Ontario. We work to grow the sports and disciplines of Disc so that someday we all can disc together.

2022-23 Board Executives:

2022-23 Board-at-Large:

Jane Anderson-Renton

Colleen McInnes

Patrick McCauley

Craig Snow

Michael VanderEyken

Tobin Izatt