Director & Member Councils

Director & Member Councils

The Ontario Disc Sports Association Executive Committee is currently comprised of a Volunteer President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. The Board of Director's is made up of elected officials who volunteer from various disciplines, associations, clubs, leagues and/or organizations. Council will be made up of one representative from both Non-Profit and Corporate Members. This Council will continue to expand as member clubs are added. The position of executive director is a paid, part-time position.

The five positions are very committed to extending countless volunteer hours and work to grow the amazing sports and passions of Disc to the communities and People of Ontario .

We are sports that are "Inclusive To All" .

We live that motto, and work hard for our membership in Ontario. We work to grow the sports and disciplines of Disc so that someday we all can disc together.

2019-20 Board Executives:

2016-17 Board-at-Large:

Robert Martinek

Darrell Bankes

Karl Forbes

Simon Shaw