ODSA Committees

ODSA Committees

Ultimate Competition Committee

This committee will be responsible for maters related to top level competition in Ultimate in the

province of Ontario. Responsibilities will include evaluating and awarding hosting bids for

Provincial Championships as well as providing the overall competition structure and regulations

for these events. This committee's scope is not limited to but may, in the future, also include; the

selection of provincial teams, applying for participation in larger provincial sporting events like

the Ontario summer and Winter games, providing support and incentives for participation in the

Canadian National Championship. The committee will be chaired by a member of the ODSA

board of Directors.

Ultimate Youth Development Committee

This committee will be primarily focused on growing the amount of youth participation in

Ultimate across the province of Ontario at both the recreational and competitive levels. Committee

members are being sought from scholastic, competitive club & youth league stakeholders to

provide input from all angles of youth Ultimate play in the province. This committee's

responsibilities will include but are not limited to, establishment of regional qualifications and

provincial scholastic structures including potential OFSSA recognition, direction/creation of

development programming for player recruitment & development, investigation and development

of bridging mechanisms for youth Ultimate players between playing opportunities.

Disc Golf Committee

This committee will oversee the development and execution of Disc Golf activities on behalf of

the ODSA. This includes overseeing the gold/silver events, the Provincial Championships, youth

development programs, development of a competition manual and serving as a link between

players and the ODSA.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee reviews and completes projects that focus on the internal workings

and policies of the ODSA. Projects include reviewing and updating our Strategic Plan, creating or

updating ODSA policies on a variety of topics from anti-doping to vacation entitlement. These

updates can pertain to internal staff or external membership.