December 21, 2018
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Province-wide weekly women's league a big step forward

My name is Jacynthe Goulard, but everyone knows me as Jazz. I am from Sturgeon Falls and currently reside in Welland where I teach high school math and physics. Two and a half years ago I picked up a disc golf disc for the first time. Although I can’t say it was love at first throw, it didn’t take too much time for me to be hooked onto this sport that has taken over my life. Disc golf has led me to visit new places in North America and meet all kinds of interesting people who all belong to one big plastic loving family. Most recently, it has given me the opportunity to get involved first hand in growing the sport and making a difference in Ontario as the Vice President of the executive board of the ODSA.

One of my main goals is to get more women involved in this male dominant sport. My first project is to launch the Ontario Women’s League (OWL) in the spring, where women from all over the province will be able to compete against each other on a weekly basis at their own convenience. I've posted more in depth details over here at our new headquarters on the ODSA site. Registration will open shortly. The best part? It's free!... and the ODSA will be providing some great prizes over the course of the season. Donations are always welcome from anyone else interested in helping promote our sport to more women.The first week of OWL is slated to kick-off with the Ontario Women's Disc Golf Championship in May so that women in attendance can use a tournament round for their first submission.