The 2023 Ontario Club Championships & Qualifying Tour

The 2023 Ontario Club Championships & Qualifying Tour

January 22, 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions to Help You Prep for the 2023 Tour

As we approach "Opening Weekend" for the 2023 OCC Tour we wanted to organize a "FAQ" for Ontario disc golfers headed into season. This year marks a return to "Provincial Qualifying" as part of the tour: Players vying to participate in the Ontario Disc Golf Championship at season's end must qualify by winning their "Golden Ticket" at an OCC tour event.

What does this all mean? Not only are you competing on behalf of your club to be crowned the champion in your region... each OCC Tour event offers up a qualifier spot for the Ontario Championship in your division. Please read the graphics below carefully. We've added some common questions we've received this spring in hopes of adding any clarity, should it be required.

How do I qualify for the 2023 Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championships?

Players must be active ODSA members and win their division at an OCC Tour event. If the winner of a division has already qualified at a previous event, the second place finisher(s) (but no lower) will qualify, including all ties. ex. Paul Mcbeth wins MA1 at the Christie Spring Fling, but already won his 2023 Golden Ticket at the P15 Open. Trennt Michaud & Dario Zgrablić tie for 2nd place in MA1 and therefor both earn their spots at the Championships.

Is there any other way to qualify for the 2023 Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championships?

Each ODSA-current disc golf club receives a "Golden Ticket" qualifier spot to award to one of its members through the 2023 season. We ask that each club devise a fair system to allow all their members a chance to earn the spot through equitable competition. Each OCC Tour tournament director will also be rewarded for their volunteerism with a provincial qualifier spot. Last year's Provincial Champions (2022) receive their 2023 qualification in the division above that in which they won last year (MA3>MA2, MA2>MA1, MA1>MPO) except for those who won age-protected or pro divisions. These players will receive a spot in the same division they won in 2022. Should any division not fill to a multiple of 4 once the final OCC tour event qualifiers are awarded, ODSA members will have access to a first-come, first-served "open registration" to fill the few remaining spots available, making even, "full" cards for the event.

Why might a player be interested in playing in the 2023 Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championships?

First and foremost, being crowned "Provincial Champion" is no small feat and carries with it the pride that you've earned your spot atop ALL other Ontario golfers in your division in 2023; you are the Ontario Champ! On top of that, all OCC tour sanctioning proceeds are being collected to augment and support our tour Championship and provide our qualifiers with an enhanced players pack and experience at the season finale. You are Ontario's BEST and we're going to make sure you're treated accordingly at the Championships.

How do I become an ODSA member?

I don't know if I'm a member or not, how can I check?

Visit our member directory and search your name. If you don't appear, you're not current and must join/renew your membership.

Where are the 2023 Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championships?

The 2023 Championships are being hosted by the Brant Country Disc Golf Club and held in Brant County across three fantastic courses: Winter Farms DGC, Dwayne Bereziuk Memorial DGC (Paris) & Mohawk Park DGC. The 2023 Championships will take place October 27-29th as the season finale.

Which division(s) can I play in at the Championships?

Players may only register for the division in which they qualified for the Championships. If a player's rating rises beyond a division's threshold during the season, they may switch their registration to the next available division they are qualified to play pending the Tour Director's approval. ex. MA2 player qualifies with a 908 rating and throughout the season raises their rating to 942. By rating, they may no longer play MA2 and are thus eligible to play MA1 at the Championships.

Which divisions are offered at the Championship?

You may qualify in the following divisions: MPO, FPO, MP40, MP50, MP60, FP40, FP50, FP60, MA1, MA2, MA40, MA50, MA60, MA70, FA1, FA2, FA40, FA50, FA60, FA70

What does it mean to qualify?

When you qualify, you will receive a "Golden Ticket" from the TD of the event you won (or qualified at). This will entitle you to register for the 2023 Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championship. Our organizing committee will extend an invite to register for the Championships via email through DiscGolfScene. Qualification holds no monetary value and is non-transferable. All qualified players must still pay their registration fee for the Championships.

What is the Ontario Club Championship?

The "OCC" is Ontario's dual-qualifying tour and club championship season. Clubs across Ontario compete to be crowned the Champion of their region by accumulating points from their member's victories all season long. If you win your division, your home club gets a point.

How do I know (or change) my home club for the OCC standings?

Login to your account and select your home club from your profile menu drop-down. Your club points will be given to the home club you've selected at the time of your victory. All division winners must be current ODSA members prior to the beginning of an event in order to earn their club a point.

What is the Elevated Ace Hole?

Each OCC Tour stop will have a basket wrapped with our "Prodigy Canada Elevated Ace Hole" band wrap. Any ace on this basket by a current ODSA member during the event will result in that players going home with a brand new Prodigy Apex or Apex XL disc golf backpack ($350 Value).

Still have questions? Please reach out to our OCC Tour Director Cori Murdock or the ODSA Support Team.