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Aboriginal People

"Aboriginal people face barriers to sport participation that other people in our society do not. Given the established connection between sport participation and improved mental and physical wellbeing, it is a priority for Ontario to engage and welcome young Aboriginal athletes into organized sport.

Sport offers Aboriginal children and youth a positive outlet and an opportunity to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being." Marc Laliberté, Aboriginal Sport and Wellness Council of Ontario."

Spirit Air

Our Aboriginal Peoples will have the chance and opportunity to experience the SPIRIT OF AIR. The ODSA will seek to engage our Aboriginal Peoples and Culture for ways and means to develop the Sports of Disc into a inclusive to all partnership. We seek to understand and get valued input to what exists in importance to that community and social need as may be required. The ODSA will show our want and willingness of our existing communities and participants that have a great want to be open and Inclusive to the Aboriginal People and Culture.

We will listen and develop new ways and means that include the Aboriginal Peoples want to be included to the sport discipline of Disc. The SPIRIT OF AIR that is in Disc Discipline can be felt and shared in an inclusive environment to be shared with the  Aboriginal People. 

The ODSA will develop a proposal and package to bring to the individual members/ tribes of the Aboriginal People that will show what the ODSA and sport of Discs can do in partnership.. From course development, teaching, partnerships, pillar adoption, and co-operation . With open listening we can hopefully start paths in bringing our sports and passions so that our paths together can be walked side by side.