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Aging Population

Our aging population is an increasing factor in declining sport participation. As a 2013 Sport Canada report put it, "sport participation tends to decrease as Canadians get older" (Sport Canada, 2013). Given the clear link between exercise and better health, as well as our concern as a society with improving quality of life for our seniors, we must make it a priority to increase the participation in sport of older Ontarians.

In 1992, the rate of participation in sport for people 35 years of age and over in Canada was 36 per cent. By 2011, the sport participation rate for this group was down to 20 per cent (Sport Canada, 2013).

A Walk in the Park

Our Aging Population will be engaged again to simply get out again for that WALK IN THE PARK. The ODSA will show tat getting out again for that simple walk in the park can develop into so much more when holding a Disc.  Our sport of Disc Golf and discipline that is involved with this sport is a guaranteed easy fit to the need. Our task and goal of trying to get every park and area of land to develop a disc course that suits the areas need in sport is simple and very fiscally responsible to any community or social area of need. We all know the enjoyment and fulfillments we feel when we simply go for walk in the park. Our sport discipline of Disc Golf will now allow that experience to go to the next level in enjoyment and become a new first step on the path to increased physical activity. The communities and clubs that form out of the of Disc will develop anew and be openly welcome and included to already existing clubs and activities. Our growing segment of population in age will now have a growing segment in sport and activity. “A WALK IN THE PARK” will grow into so much more for those that hold a simple disc.

The ODSA will develop and introduce to Ontario the passion and benefit of Disc Golf to the aging population.

We will approach communities, regional centers, cities, towns, organizations and individuals that seek to get some form of physical and mental exercise and health back into the routine of life they have.

We will promote and produce literature and media that will show and support the benefits of such activities.

At the same time the “Walk in the Park” initiative will show the increasing benefit to communities that have parks with Disc Golf courses developed in the communities.

The Walk In The Park is