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Children in Low Income Families

“Children from lower income households participate in sport less than children from higher income households (Sport Canada, 2013). Sport participation typically involves spending on equipment and registration fees. In 2013, the average Canadian couple with children spent $778 on sports and recreation equipment, services and fees (Statistics Canada, 2014).

90 per cent of Canadians agree that organized sport participation is becoming too expensive, and 82 per cent know a child who cannot participate in organized sports due to the cost (KidSport, 2014).”

Our Children in Low Income Families will become a path we at the ODSA will engage in play. Our sport is one of the best cost effective experiences in sport today. The ability we will seek is to engage partnerships and collaborations that will look to supply and teach the first level of skill and passion of Disc Sport. Be it the team engagement that is our “Ultimate” discipline to the individual skill set and discipline that is the sport of “Disc Golf”.  The availability and entry level cost is among the lowest in sport today. And we will use that fact to engage and empower our youth in the fastest growing sport disciplines and passion to today’s generation. Reaching for that new GOLDEN DISC.Gold Disc Champions  

Will be based for teaching and growth to Ontario volunteers that need assistance on getting participants into the passion of Disc Sports. Sponsorship to both the individual/group that looks to enter the sport. Sponsorship and support to those that will volunteer their time and experience to show and pass on the passion that is Disc Sports. 

The logo will show sponsorship logos of the companies that support the initiative and have funded various parts and segments of the path in getting Disc Sports in this path. We will honor those that give greatly in volunteer time and energy to the sport with development of an Inclusive To All club that recognizes those that have helped create the past and future paths our sport will take.