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"People with disabilities are another under-represented group in sport and low participation rates often make para-programming and individual and team competitions very difficult. The barriers to participation in sports by athletes with a disability are numerous, including a lack of awareness, equipment and accessibility; lack of a central starting point for participants and a fragmented system with lack of clear roles and responsibilities. Whether their aims are recreational or competitive, persons with disabilities who choose to participate should have access to quality sport and physical activity programs." 

    Take Air

Our People with Disabilities will become an ODSA path for development and implementation.

We will look to develop ways and means for those with disabilities to experience the passion and play that is Disc Sport.

The ODSA will reach out and through communication and listening effectively to those that have challenges that want to participate in any way within our sport.

We will work together to get a disc into the possession of those wanting to see and feel that disc take air.  


We will look to develop and build courses that will include those with disabilities and challenges into our sports paths.

The ODSA is