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Women and Girls

“The gender gap in sport participation is significant, across all ages, and it increases with age. It is a top priority of this plan to find ways of closing that gap. Ontario recognizes the importance of promoting women and girls in sport, and understands that work remains to achieve gender equity. This plan aims to increase sport participation among women and girls, so that they can achieve their full athletic potential. To support this goal, a Minister's Advisory Panel will be established, with its first priority being to identify opportunities to advance women and girls in sport.”

Disc sports are a great developing sport model that we at the ODSA will model to equality.

As the Game On identifies opportunities we in the ODSA will expand our already strong commitments in this area and will seek to lead our sport to be a model of inclusivity to gender equity. 

Disc sports are

We have recently run a Disc Golf event that followed a global initiative in getting Women and Girls into the disciplines of Disc Golf. In that we achieved the largest participation in Canadian Disc golf history at our event at the Bronte Disc Golf Course in Burlington in the spring of 2016.

In coaching and leadership we at the ODSA will empower our participants to take up the roles of leadership and coaching . We will follow and support our woman and girl participants in Disc Sports to achieve all they are capable of.

The "Flight of Pink" will establish and make paths forward into sport with the empowerment of female participation and equity . 

 Disc sports are